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Shameless Plug
  • Bob Kiwi & Co. Come join everybody's favorite detective kiwi and his friends in their many adventures! Site run by yours truly, so I'm kinda biased...but check it out anyway! ^_^

Webcomics You Might Try | Back to Top
  • Not at all a webcomic, but a great net hub for fanfiction. A good place to go for reading if you don't want to mess with search engines and dead links.

  • Sluggy Freelance Is it not Nifty? Of course it is!

  • Real Life Gaming humor, pop-culture commentary, world domination schemes - and even more unquantifiable hilarity! FEUGO!

  • Eversummer Eve Beautifully-drawn anime-style comic that's got everything from discotechs and goths to dragons and faerie lords. Go. Read.

  • Utukki An online manga that puts a fantasy twist on Babylonian mythology. Some people just can't let sleeping demons lie...

  • As If! A gem of a comic for children of the 80's. It's like watching a manga translation of my childhood...

  • Kevin & Kell Bill Holbrooks' anthropomorphic webcomic. The best representation of 'If the World Went Furry' I've ever seen.

  • Narbonic An evil mad scientist, a happily homicidal intern, a hapless computer guru, and sentient gerbils, oh my!

  • Outsider An absolutely mind-blowingly gorgeous full-color science fiction/space adventure by Arioch, updated every Thursday or so. Worth it for the art alone!

  • Schoolbooks & Brimstone Reminds me of my high school, actually...

  • VG Cats Gaming life, as told by Maxx, Aeris, and Pantsman.

  • The Class Menagerie Anthro online comic about dorm life.

  • Secret of Mana Theater A flash-animated sprite comic, featuring Seth, the Mana Knight, in his epic quest for...something...and his spirit guide, Pancakes. Fascinating and funny.

  • Shivae Studios / The Cynthian Chronicles There's something for everyone here: six different webcomics, featuring everything from bishounen to dinos to alien mages and anthropomorphic spacefarers. Worth it for Alien Dice alone!

  • Supermegatopia Welcome to Supermegatopia, Kiwi Capital of the World and home to more superheroes (and villains) than you can shake a stick at! And let's not forget Crushed! Doomed Kitty Adventures. Features rather more nudity than necessary, and probably owns stock in the gutter - but if you can make it past that, the plots are hilarious, and the villains kick arse.

  • Nothing To See Here... Chaos' webcomic, featuring the antics of a set of off-beat housemates.

Art Galleries of Interest | Back to Top
  • Yerf Tons of good furry art by hundreds of artists. A must for any fan of the genre.

  • A huge, rambling collection of art galleries by more artists on more subjects than I can list! Offers prints of some images, and is a great way to kill large chunks of free time.

  • Arioch's Mighty Gallery Beautiful, vibrantly colored art, and incredibly helpful Photoshop / Style Coloring tutorials! Not very big, but very impressive.

  • Candy's Art Haven A fabulous gallery with everything from anthro to anime, with lots of nifty fan art in between!

  • D! Adoptions A gallery of adoptable, custom-made animated sprites! Adorable! (Anyone that wants to claim that sprites aren't art should try making them! Oi! Hard work!)

  • Dragonwings The aw-inspiring Maggock's main gallery, though she is establishing one on If you're a fan of gryphons, this is a must!

  • Featherdust Studios Speaking of a must for gryphon fans, here's the fabulous Jennifer Miller's gallery, which has, on occassion, made me wish my keyboard had a drool-guard. She's got some excellent dragon and fantasy works up here as well! And she sells prints! (Oooh, prints.....*drools*)

  • Feather Lady's Art Site Great artwork, featuring both stylized and fine art nature works and painted feathers. You'll have to get past an awful mystery-meat button palette first, though.

  • Billed as 'Insect art and Cartoons,' there's more to this site than just that, but then again, toony insects are cool in their own right.

  • Metal and Magic Fantastic, professional-caliber art ranging from anthro comics to fine art paintings. Check out the winged frogs, and the comics, if nothing else.

  • The Art of Odis Holcomb Anthropomorphic sci-fi art, mostly, with some dragons thrown in for good measure.

  • Studio Cute Great art by PonyGirl, including some of the best toony equines I've seen! (Most artwork is currently archived on Yerf as well.)

  • Stuffe and Nonsense Custom, hand-made stuffed animals and sculptures. Expensive, but mind-blowing. I'm half-stunned they don't make a kiwi, but then again, their gryphon is expensive enough without adding a second toy to the order...

  • Taeha's Studio An impressive collection of manga-influenced art, mostly of humans and pixies. If you can get past the cutesy and give the 8-bit page graphics a chance (No, you haven't fallen into an NES game!), you might be surprised!

Fan-Affiliated Sites | Back to Top
  • Mandi's Weird Web Page Self-explanatory. Has lots of nifty stories, a Now & Again shrine, and all sorts of nifty things I cannot think of right now.

  • The Dark Tower Plague's site, featuring lots of her cool original stories. Go there or I'll beat you.

  • Beyond All Limitations Pain's site, featuring original poetry, blackmail photos of coworkers, and an ongoing photo-essay on the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

  • The Realm of the Happy Little Vulture *Sniff* My first webpage! Not updated very often, but I keep it up for old times' sake.
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