The Aerie - Commissions and Art Trades
Commissioning policies have changed. While I shall continue to take free art commissions, neccessity dictates a shift in focus to paid commissions. (However, Art Trades will remain FREE, so go brush up on your stick figures if needs be.) Those interested in bending my pen to their whims should check out The Rules of Engagement.

Interrogation Interrogation See Ya, Karny Belly Dancer Trapped Karny Bikini Pirates A Shocking Discovery
Freebie Slot #1-? (Storyteller)
This project has completely confiscated my life, dahlink! ^_-

Wolven Moonkai and Revis OPEN OPEN OPEN
Art Trade #1 (Wolf) Art Contest for LoneDireWolfess Commission Slot #3 (OPEN) Commission Slot #4 (OPEN) Commission Slot #5 (OPEN)

Villaness for Bushwacka  Couple  Twin Tigers  Cuddling Couple  Rachel Tangi Jones (for Innocence)  Fiona (for Innocence)  Foxcoon for Jibba
Megaraptor Girl in Jungle  Skelly Tons frazzled character

Zenon electric were form  Zenon were form  Zenon electric wolf form  Zenon wolf form  Zenon human form  Tammy Linear Kat  Raven-haired Ocelot/Sphinx gryphon
 Lufie the wolf  Akie Raccoon  Dee  General Gamma  Mellisa

Aura and Radagen  Nero and Coda  Anastasia Gavril  Iggy Calivera, a wild child  General Gamma Wanted Poster  General Gamma Wanted Poster Mug Shot Before Tinting  A snow white gryphon guards a wounded human warrior  Zenon, Pyro, and Zek

A slim young gal in silver and her antlered beau in gold.  Green-Eyed Girl Art Trade: Colored (Bust)  Green-Eyed Girl Art Trade: Colored (Standing)  Green-Eyed Girl Art Trade: Colored (Wall)  Adolescent anthro male griffin in the midst of a running take-off.  Veeshan Art Trade: Unused Sketches  Veeshan Art Trade: Finished Image. Phoenix/dragon morph in feline form.

Chibi Kage (Art Trade w/Kage)  Midgnight Star  Swift Fox  Xavier Valentine: Anthropomorphic dragon engineer of the U.S.S. Leviantian.

Coyoteshadow  A skater tiger and a cute snow leopard share an embrace.  Pizza Party (Art Trade w/Heather the Insomniac)  A Knight and his Lady