The Aerie - Anthropomorphic Art
Snowbunny  Robin
Tiel  Snowbunny  Star Spangled Cutie  The Dancer  Mustang Sally  Maus  Morning Glory
tis Herself  Canoeing  Waterfall Ahead  Funky Kitchen Chicken  Chickie  Pudge  Tasty Kiwis
Dreams of Egypt  Weregirl  Lunch at the Aerie  Stargazer  Winter Birdfeeder Bunch  Headwind  My Little Mascot: Blaze. With apologies to Hasbro, but not Hood College.

Chibi Foxie  Dove  D'Gal & Jesmynne (Bob Kiwi & Co.'s Top Villains)  A peaceful dock and a magnificent view of the sea, shared by a pelican and the Seabunny, who never fails to look vaguely regretful whenever I draw her...

Snowbirds (Charity Xmas Coloring Book)  Cartoony Reindeer (Charity Xmas Coloring Book)  Christmas Mice (Charity Xmas Coloring Book)  Christmas Puppies (Charity Xmas Coloring Book)  Gift-Wrapped Puppy (Charity Xmas Coloring Book)  Snow Carolers (Charity Xmas Coloring Book)  Still Life

Evil Villains Anonymous: Conquering the world, one day at a time...  James Binx, a seventeenth-century Colonial seadog/privateer and captain of the Princess Anna, a swift British-built ship.  Rita Therese, captain of the pirate schooner Scurvy until she lost her ship to Binx in a raid on his ship, the Princess Anna.  Ambushed!  Neccessity makes for strange bedfellows.  Fledermaus  Hangin' Out with William  Chibi Fleder
Juana  Angel of Death  Cybre  Ravyn  Foxy (Sketch)  Nightshade  Zero
 Witchhazel, a late-eighteenth century black cat that dabbles in earth magic.  Scuba-Divin' Bunny  Seabunny  Pretty Things  Angel Kiwi  Devil Kiwi  Bluejay

Vulpine Bride  Sal, kit fox leader of the Tigercats  Knocked Down  Into the Fray!