The Aerie - Fantasy Art
Oni  Snoozing Paragryph  Chibi Season One Naraku  InuYasha
InuYasha  The Hatchling  Hippogryph  Lounging Gryphon  Lonely Reign  Merry Red Baron
 Mi  Wingless Mi  Paragryph  Snoozing Gryphon  Strawberry Gryphons  Sylph  Dragon-ish

Dragon & Phoenix  Fawkes: the wind/water half of the Fox ying-yang; more rational and much cooler and more collected than his sister.  Fox: General-purpose Chaotic earth/fire elemental butt-kicker, with trademark scowl, short temper, and violent predisposition.  Time-skippers: Icarus Skyrider and Chris(tine), making their way down some cramped stone corridor in some ancient 14th-century monastary/castle. Icarus is a Valkyrie with a knack for getting himself thrown across time and space, and Chris is a human vigilante whom he's taken up Guarding. At some point in time, the duo get themselves zapped a few centuries back in time.  And then a few more...  Nina: Inspired by Capcom's GameBoy Advanced re-release of Breath of Fire  Witchy: Stereotypical haggard old witch  Chibified Self Portrait
 Brain Central  Fluff Daemons  Plotbunny  Chibified Creativity Demons  Pyro & Scorchd  Good Enough For Government Work  Parting Winds

Union of Evil: Chibi War  The Union of Evil - as PowerPuffs!  Union of Evil: War and Innocence!  Union of Evil: Chibi (Anthro) Innocence!  Union of Evil: Death as a Scythe-slinger  Union of Evil: Warbird  Nothing To See Here: Why Me?
 Kawaii, a chibi osprey gryphon  A young gryphon wanders around a forest in the fog.  Aria  Fire and Ice: A Chinese fire-dragon and an icy-blue unicorn in battle.

Brook the Wyvern  Little Wyvern  Eagle Gryphon  Gryphon Approaching  Tia & Falri  Dark Messenger  Drachen
 Lavender  Spoof: Sketch of a plotline involving my friends that Plague detailed to me.  Rather surprised I survived this...  Will 'o Wisp: Faerie in lilac.  Union of Evil: The Weeds of Discord  Union of Evil: The Filing Cabinet Hunts Tonight  Union of Evil: War's Valentine's Greetings!

Wingmates - A Valkyrie and her Gryphon, taking a break from battle.  Mara Osprey, Valkyrian captain of the pirate schooner Seahawk.  Snowbirds  Pipsie!  Some vaguely Shakespearian bard.  Daisy: a sprinter and race-car driver, a pilot and a wanderer with a bad case of amnesia.  Young Griphlet
 Playful Griphlet  Crying Griphlet  Juvenile Gryphon  Union of Evil: Pestilence
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