Commission Guidelines
Commissions come in 3 delicious flavors:
  1. Free - The timeless classic: ask and ye shall receive...eventually...
  2. Paid - Personalised art on demand, with finished pieces mailed out to the commissioner
  3. Art Trade - Bartering at its best: you draw me a picture, I draw you a picture
Henceforth, I shall take up to 3 free commissions and 5 paid commissions and/or free art trades at any given time. Paid commissions and art trades are given priority over free commissions. Turnaround time may be a matter of weeks or several months; it all depends on how much free time I have to dedicate to art production - and between work, play, what passes for my social life, and this nagging little sleep requirement, 'free time' is a precious commodity. Due to the limitations of the space-time continuum and my own harried schedule, I can work on no more than five (5) commissions at a time.

Commission Guidelines
Commissioning me is as simple as filling out the Commissions Form, or emailing me directly if you prefer.

When commissioning your image, be specific. Essentially, what I need from you is a physical description of your character(s), a sense of their personalities, and some idea as to the action/setting. What do your characters look like? Think about race/species, age, gender, body type, hairstyle, coloring, clothing, attitude, markings/scars/tattoos, etc. Things like time-period, setting, action, as well as group orientation/interaction are also important considerations - think about how different candid snapshots are from formal portraits and "Old Time" retro photos. Telling me a bit about the character and/or pointing me in the direction of existing drawings/stories/character summaries can also be helpful, especially when it comes to capturing their spirit.

Don't worry too much about whether or not you've sent all you need. I'll email you if I need more information, as well as whenever your commission is updated. And if at any point if you'd like things changed, just say so. It's your image, after all, and constructive criticism has never yet bruised my ego.

Pricing Details...

  • Colored Con Badges: $5; inked & colored, die-cut Bristol board; approx. 3.5" x 5" in size (a little bigger than an index card), and laminated.
  • Colored Scraps: $3; inked & colored, die-cut Bristol board; laminated; no background.
  • Small Color Print: $7; inked & colored, Bristol board; approx. 5" x 7" in size; simple/CG background (for complex backgrounds, add $3)
  • Large Color Print: $15; inked & colored, Bristol board, approx. 8" x 10" in size; simple/CG background (for complex backgrounds, add $5)
  • Web Image: Free; size & background, etc. vary;
All options can be colored with markers and/or colored pencils, or scanned and digitally colored on a computer. Payment due upon commissioner approval of initial sketch. (Background Clarification 1.0" I will let you know if a an image has a "complex" background. requested backgrounds are "complex"


  1. No Copyright violations. If you want someone else's personal characters in the picture, you'd better have their permission. (Parodies/Fanart of widely-known characters - Mickey Mouse, InuYasha, etc. - are generally o.k.) Stealing someone else's creation and claiming it as your own, however, is not tolerated. Give credit where it's due.
  2. This is a smut-free zone. Risque/striptease is fine, but this ain't no one-stop pr0n-shop. Hardcore requests will be fed to the Spaminator. That's just the way it goes.
  3. No graphic/excessive violence. Fight scenes and bloody battles are great challenges, but if you're looking for a splatterfest, odds are it's not gonna get drawn. Try to keep it PG-13, 'kay?
  4. Artist's Discretion. Sometimes I just gotta turn 'em down. So I do.

Rights & Distribution
You characters are yours, and I will post your rights to them in anything I post online. Absent any objections on your part, I reserve the right to make prints of the final image and/or display it on this website; Freebies, if you want your finished original or a high-res print, email me and we'll discuss postage options and cost.

If you have any questions, email me and we'll talk it over. (Please Note: Include "Aerie" in the subject line, or my spam filter may kill your email before it hits my Inbox.)

- Kitsume

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