Commission Request Quick-Form
I realize that not all of my visitors readily have access to email, and that others use web-based email or run into any number of issues when it comes to commissions; therefore, I've provided a quick and easy way of commissioning me here. All fields are optional; use them as you see fit. I'm assuming at this point you've at least seen the Commissions Guidelines (and have preferably read them), but it's not a requirement.
Email Address: (If you don't fill this in, I can't contact you!!!)

Character Information
Gender: Male
Skin/Fur Color:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:

Description / More Info:
(Things like clothing, color preference, markings/scars/tattoos, attitude, backgrounds, setting, time period, action/pose, etc. For pieces with multiple characters, describe them here. I will follow whatever you ask, will ask whatever is unclear, and will fill in the rest on my own. ^_^)

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